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For over a decade, FHIA has been helping Tampa Bay area residents install and maintain high-quality, energy-efficient, and impact-resistant windows. We are so good at what we do that Remodeling Magazine named us the #1 remodeling company in Florida for three years in a row. 

The marvelous work done by our well-trained window replacement and installation professionals has not only earned us the confidence of local homeowners but also placed us 3rd among the Top 500 Remodelers (Qualified Remodelers) in the country.

Do you want to install new windows? Or are you working on a business or home remodeling project and need replacement windows? Whatever the case, FHIA is your go-to window replacement service provider. We also offer professional door replacement services throughout Florida.

Key Features of Our Impact Windows

One of the key factors to consider before window installation is the safety of your house from harsh weather elements and even intruders. For a house in Tampa, where storms occur regularly, impact windows or hurricane windows are not a luxury; they’re an essential investment. 

Our windows feature reinforced glass, strong frames, and other advanced technologies to ensure that our high-quality energy efficient windows and doors protect you and your loved ones from severe weather conditions and potential intruders. These windows and doors not only offer high-end durability but also come in a wide range of aesthetic designs to guarantee both style and functionality.

So, work with the best window replacement Tampa service provider and protect your home against strong wind, extreme heat, and even intruders.

Improve Your Home with Energy Efficient Windows

Save money by installing our energy-efficient windows suitable for the climate and architectural styles prevalent in the Tampa Bay area. With features such as high-quality insulation, UV protection, and innovative technologies aimed at minimizing heat loss and gain, these windows will not only reduce your energy consumption but also enhance overall comfort for residents. 

The best part is that we also consider energy efficiency when designing our doors — whether it’s patio doors, sliding doors, or any other door styles, they all come with the same energy-saving features as the windows.

Professional Window Installation Services

At FHIA, our experienced team ensures precise and efficient window fitting, guaranteeing optimal performance and customer satisfaction. With meticulous attention to detail, we handle various window styles, ensuring a perfect fit and a tight seal. Our timely completion of installations minimizes disruptions, and our certifications highlight our commitment to industry standards. Trust FHIA's reliable installation services for high-quality windows for a seamless, professional experience that enhances your home's aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Why Choose Our Tampa Installation Experts

FHIA is the most reliable and trusted window and door replacement service provider in Tampa and Florida at large. We boast over 15 years of quality craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction. Below are some factors that set us apart:

  • Our windows come with lifetime warranties
  • We have proven experience that spans 15+ years
  • All our windows are USA-made
  • We’ve had an A+ BBB rating since 2007
  • We’ve handled more than 100,000 successful projects
  • Our products are all ENERGY STAR-Rated
  • We work with licensed, insured, and well-trained professionals
  • Our exceptional reputation precedes us

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