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Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing

Benefits For Residential Property Owners

PACE Funding is a program looking to help homeowners with upgrades on renewable energy installations. PACE looks to assist homeowners with paying up-front costs toward green initiatives. The concept is having homeowners save on energy costs while paying for energy-efficient upgrades by coupling the payments of the homeowners loan with their property taxes.

Step by Step Process

  1. Apply online or by phone in minutes with fast approvals.
  2. Select your terms, sign your financing documents.
  3. Complete your efficiency upgrades we pay your contractor.
  4. Make payments through your property taxes

How PACE Financing Helps Home-Owners

PACE Financing supports multiple home improvement initiatives as long as they are able to be considered for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and even protection. PACE projects are built around reducing the home-owners property insurance bill tremendously.
While removing up-front costs, PACE looks to make it easier and more affordable for low-income households to be able to upgrade their safety, efficiency, and increase their property value all at once.
  • Financing for Up to 12 Years
  • No Interest for Up to 18 Months
  • Roughly a 95% Approval Rate

Benefits of the PACE Financing Program

Economic Development – before PACE, many energy-efficient home renovations were difficult to come by due to pricing as an obstacle. With the type of home improvement projects that PACE funds, it is the perfect tool for driving economic development!

Property Improvement – PACE assists with property protection, energy efficiency, and overall home improvement! All of which will increase your property value and lower your property insurance costs!

Eligibility – PACE Financing is based on your property equity. No more worrying about your personal debt, or your debt when considering a new home improvement!