The most popular home remodeling job of 2021 has been kitchen remodels. After spending most of 2020 inside the home, people are now ready to update the walls around them. A kitchen refacing or remodel can completely change the look of the home and increase property value. Here are the top kitchen trends that we will be seeing past 2021.

Pops of Color

  • A dark kitchen island can make a statement against white walls and white cabinets
  • Incorporate an accent color throughout kitchen in decorations and light fixtures
  • Paint the pantry door to create a focal point that draws guests in

Organic Elements 

  • Natural stone and wood elements throughout kitchen will create a calming atmosphere and is very on trend in 2021
    • Choose a natural stone as the backsplash to make the kitchen feel organic
    • Incorporate reclaimed wood for:
      • Butcher block kitchen island 
      • Open shelving for storage and decor
      • Antique pantry door
  • Bring the outdoors in with greenery and flowers on top of cabinets and on the countertops 

Deep, Moody Colors 

  • Paint the cabinets black to contrast white walls and white countertops 
    • If you choose to paint the cabinets black, open the space up with open shelving in certain areas of the kitchen 
  • Opt for black hardware instead of brushed nickel or silver 
  • If you love your white cabinets, use black tile as the backsplash or flooring 

Texture Texture Texture 

  • Marble or quartz countertops can make a home feel luxurious and add texture to the counters 
  • Add white beadboard to the roof of the kitchen
  • Exposed brick walls or backsplash is an easy way to add texture and incorporate a farmhouse look in the kitchen 
    • If you don't love the look of red brick, you can purchase limewash at your local hardware store   

Mix & Match Metals 

  • When choosing to mix metals it is important to stick to only 2-3 metals in one space
  • A fun way to mix metals is to hang copper pots above the kitchen island and contrast it with polished nickel hardware 
  • A popular trend that has been around in recent years, and will continue to remain on trend, is to purchase stainless steel appliances and opt for brass hardware